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Calm GCP

Cost-effective, tailored Google Cloud Platform support

Streamlined GCP Management on a Subscription Basis

Reliable GCP Management & Maintenance

$3,499 / Month

Focus on what matters most in your business while your GCP infrastructure is expertly managed and maintained. From secure access control to cost optimisation and beyond, experience comprehensive support tailored to your needs, helping you unlock the full potential of GCP and maintain a consistent, secure, and optimised environment without any hassle.

Unify and Manage Your GCP Environment
  • Cloud Identity & Access Management: Ensure secure and centralised access control for your GCP resources, maintaining IAM security as your headcount changes over time.

  • Billing & Cost Management: Optimise your cloud expenses with proactive monitoring and cost-saving recommendations.

  • Maximise your GCP Potential: 24 hours included each month for Cloud Architecture consulting and creation of DevOps automations. Unlock previously-unknown capabilities to propel your business forward.

  • Ad-hoc requests for new resources: With expert assistance, define the expected structure, naming conventions and security rules for different GCP services, and have them deployed consistently each time, as fast as possible.

Experience Stress-Free GCP Maintenance

Why Choose a Personalised Subscription Service?

Discover the benefits of a personalised subscription service, where you work directly with a dedicated GCP and DevOps expert who understands your business needs and provides customised, cost-effective cloud management solutions. With a tailored monthly plan, you gain access to expert support designed to help your business thrive.

Unify and Manage Your GCP Environment
  • One-on-One Attention: Enjoy the benefits of a single point of contact, ensuring seamless communication, quick response times, and a deep understanding of your infrastructure.

  • Efficient Support: With personalized attention, your team can focus on their core responsibilities while the GCP and DevOps expert takes care of your cloud management and optimization needs.

  • Consistent Expertise: Minimise the risks associated with employee turnover by relying on a dedicated specialist who is committed to the success of your GCP infrastructure.

Choose Flexibility and Expertise for Your GCP Needs

Unify and Manage Your GCP Environment

From $9,499

Following the Google Cloud security foundations guide, your GCP Organisation will have the parameters in place to ensure that it is secure by default. Whether you're just starting with GCP or looking to enhance your existing infrastructure, Cloud Foundations provides expert guidance to ensure your GCP organization, projects, and security policies are set up correctly. Benefit from a secure, scalable, and well-organized environment that supports your business growth.

Unify and Manage Your GCP Environment
  • GCP Organization Assessment & Setup: Evaluate and establish a structured hierarchy for your GCP resources, with centralized access control and billing.

  • Project & Folder Management: Improve or create well-organised projects and folders to ensure resource isolation, access control, and streamlined administration.

  • Security Best Practices: Implement or enhance industry-leading security practices and policies to protect your valuable data and infrastructure.

  • Cost Monitoring & Optimization: Set up or refine billing alerts and cost management strategies to prevent unexpected expenses and optimize your cloud spending.

Build a Strong GCP Foundation Today
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Matt McGillivray

👋 I'm a certified GCP Architect based in Perth, Western Australia, with extensive experience helping organizations of all sizes navigate the complexities of Google Cloud Platform. My passion lies in solving DevOps challenges, unleashing the potential of your team, and driving business growth. Let's discuss your needs and explore how I can help your business thrive.